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WienerBerg Kyudojo



2016.09.18 , 12.WKB, 37 Sonntag.jpg
WienerBerg Kyudojo, Matoba

Access to the WienerBerg Kyudojo


Our WienerBerg Kyudojo is used by many people. All together we contribute keep it beautiful and under conditions corresponding to our Kyudo spirit.

Unaccompanied access is possible only to Kyudokas who safely practice the long distance form with yumi and ya.  A key for the dojo area can be obtained from the treasurer. The dojo rules are as follows:

WienerBerg Kyudojo, Shajo, koordinierte Praxis
WienerBerg Kyudojo, Shajo, Garderobenbereich
WienerBerg Kyudojo, Shajo, Kamiza
WienerBerg Kyudojo, Anbau 2012 errichtet
WienerBerg Kyudojo, Anbau Küchenbereich
WienerBerg Kyudojo, Winterwand mit Heizstrahler

Practicing Kyudo at the WienerBerg Kyudojo during winter season:


Kyudo should be practiced constantly, by this we have to accept nice and also cold weather conditions.


Since 2012, we can use our Dojo during winter time. A translucent winter wall, infrared heaters, a heated kitchen and sanitary facilities allow this.


Increased focus on the equipment is necessary for temperatures below freezing. Made from natural materials, bamboo bows are sensitive to rapid change of the external conditions. 


The key for the Dojo is necessary to start all electrical installations. Therefore energy costs can be charged equitably for both clubs. Only the floor heating system runs during the entire cold season to protect the water pipes, regardless of the use of the Dojo.


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