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Kanjuro Shibata XXI. Sensei, Reisha 2003


Shibata XX. Sendai, †2013

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Who we are - Gako-Kyūdōjō


In Gako-Kyudojo we practice Kyudo - the japanese way of the bow - in the tradition of Heki Ryu Bishu Chikurin Ha, as it is tought and spread in the West by Kanjuro Shibata XX. Sensei. Shibata Sensei teaches Kyudo as a kind of standing meditation. For us Kyudo is a holistic way to develop personality, this means to work on the self by plain meditative practice independently of religious or ideological bindings and uncorrupted by sportlike competition.

The relation between members of Gako-Kyudojo is marked by high mutual esteem without hierarchical structures. Master-student relationship exists only with reference to Shibata XX. Sensei, respectively to his successors. Advanced students help the beginners or less experienced with their practice. In our tradition we don't support dan grades, nor exams nor competitions. Carefulness with the fellow students and refinement of self perception are integral part of our common practice and shall create an atmosphere of respect, mutual trust and empathy between all participants.

Gako-Kyudojo is organisized as an legal association which manages their organizational and financial matters in a democratic and autonomous way.

Gako-Kyudojo together with the friendly related Kyudo group Seishin has built a Dojo in traditional Japanese style in the area of Wienerberg (10th district, Eibesbrunnergasse 13), a site leased from the city of Vienna.

In August 2003 Shibata Sensei XXI. has ceremonially inaugurated the Dojo during a Kyudo seminar.

Kanjuro Shibata XXI. Sensei, Vortrag 2014

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